Andrus Arras

Chairman of the Board
+372 670 6447
+372 515 4434

I joined the Arras CF team in ... no, it actually would be more correct to say that the Arras CF joined with me in 1999 and half- jokingly I consider Arras CF as my first son.

My direct role in Arras CF is the management of this great company and even greater staff. Through times you may have seen me also working in other functions of the company : in warehouse, at client meetings, at fairs, also transporting goods and in the very beginning manufacturing the products.

I speak Estonian, Russian and English, though my English is something I need to work constantly. I also wish to learn the basis of German, in addition to some vital expressions I know now.

I have a 13-year old daughter and in summer 2010 our family became richer by two twin boys, the future workers of Arras CF.

I would gladly spend all my free time on the ski hills. Snowy mountains of Austria and the whole atmosphere there have a very special meaning for me. I also like cycling and have not forgotten cross country skiing and from time to time I can be seen in squash halls. Sometimes I like to take my motorcycle out for a little ride. Inadvertently I keep in touch with politics and from time to time I find myself watching political programs.